Brewery De 7 Deugden (The 7 Virtues)

In our brewery, called De 7 Deugden, we brew exclusively special beers. Our beers are different from what you are accustomed to, because we make use of several herbs and spices. They are all beers to enjoy attentively, together with a piece of cheese or with a delicious dinner.

We are located in Amsterdam (New West), Osdorperweg 578, 1067 SZ Amsterdam.

By public Transport:

  • Bus 63 from Railwaystation Lelylaan, go to stop Ookmeerweg/Baden Powelweg, point of reference is the green building (animal shelter), walk about 10 minutes on the Osdorperweg to the Brewery.
  • Tram 17 from Central Station, go to stop Baden Powelweg. Walk via Baden Powellweg to the Osdorperweg.

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In De 7 Deugden we employ people for whom a normal job is not self-evident. The brewery offers these people a place where they matter and where they get an opportunity to develop their skills.


About De 7 Deugden

            Brave beer made bij brave people!

The 7 Deugden Brewery is engaged in three activities:

  1. We brew exclusively special beers.
  2. We welcome and receive guests in our sample-room.
  3. We coach our fellow-workers “with a distance to the labour-marktet”

A place for people who are handicapped in one way or another. These people – for whom an ordinary job is not self-evident – are at work in the brewery. It is very important for them to have a place where they matter, where they are able to develop their skills and where the atmosphere is safe enough for them to make mistakes and to learn from them as well.

Exclusively special beer

We produce beer to be enjoyed quietly, either on your own when reading a book, or with friends while having an interesting conversation. We call this beer: enjoy-beer. So, please, use all your senses to enjoy colour, smell, taste and sound. Give it a try: make combinations of 7Deugden beer with cheeses or with a tasteful dinner.

Our Beers

Totaaloverzicht III


We have nearly reached our goal, but not yet ….

De 7 Deugden in search of financiers


The “Leven in de Brouwerij” foundation

You may read here more about this foundation.